Program Description

We have a highly developed aerial curriculum that guides students with no aerial (or physical) experience to advanced aerial technique. In each class students work on skills in their designated level. Once students can perform all of the set skills in a sequence on both sides, with teacher permission, they move onto the next skill set. Anyone working on elements in the first silks sequence is considered a beginner. It typically takes about one semester to complete the first sequence. Anyone working on sequences two through six is considered intermediate. This typically takes about two years. Anyone working on sequences seven and up is considered advanced.

Aerial Silks

Youth Silks
For youth of any experience level.
Beginning training for youth on the aerial silks.   Recommended as part of the Beginning Youth Circus Program.

Beginning and Intermediate Silks
Appropriate for all ages and experience levels.
An introduction to strength, flexibility and technique on the silks and an opportunity to grow your skills through intermediate and to an advanced level of training.  Recommended in addition to Lyra, Trapeze and Sling and/or Stretching.

Advanced Aerial/Circus Training
Schedule varies. For students of an advanced level of training with
teacher permission.
Expand you training with a group of advanced students. May include
assistant teaching and performing opportunities.


Trapeze, Lyra, Sling and Rope

Trapeze, Lyra, Sling

"Multi Apparatus" classes are open to youth and adults. We encourage all ages to attend!
Come and explore a variety of aerial apparatus including Lyra, Trapeze, Spanish Web and Sling. 

Aerial Exploration Workshops

This class will offer a weekly focus that explores invented apparatus and focuses on specific aerial techniques. It will also include rope and partnering technique.



Advanced Aerial Conditioning (AKA Men's Aerial)

For all ages and levels of student.

This class will focus primarily on conditioning and technique on rope, trapeze and aerial straps. It geared toward students (of any gender:)) that already have a high level of fitness and strength. We will train with the goals of attaining Iron Cross Roll Ups, Front and Back Levers, Hand Over Hand Climbing and Front and Reverse Meat Hooks in addition to more basic aerial techniques.