Circus Scholarships and Community Kid's Classes!

Please fill out the class scholarship application below to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarships only apply to youth students. Any student that is accepted into the scholarship program is welcome to attend any one Beginning Youth Circus class per week. For older teens, the scholarship program may include some work trade in the form of assisting youth classes, which includes our teacher training class.

Our mission is to ensure that all youth in Tucson, regardless of background including socio-economic status, have the opportunity to train in circus.

We do this in two ways: 

1. Offer free circus classes during scheduled semesters to youth ages 7-18 that qualify for the program. 

2. Offer scholarships to youth who wish to further their training for the full youth circus program. 

These scholarships will be available for two youth students per semester who:

-Have done at least one semester of a Beginning Youth Circus class with the scholarship.

-Show that the program has a positive impact on them.

-Show dedication to attendance and training.

-Show some aptitude or talent for circus as well as the ability to work and train hard.

-Keep up their school grades while participating in the program. 

Please use the form below to apply as a student for the program. Email if you would like a printable copy of the form or for more information on applying and scholarships. For more info on donating to the program, check out this link 

Please fill out as much of the form as you can, parents, teachers, mentors are welcome to help, especially younger students. Fill out this form to register for Spring 2018 classes! Please remember that responses to submitted forms (confirmations) often go to the spam folder, so please check your spam folder or mark safe in your email settings! 

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Please give us a complete list of pertinent contact information and a list of approved people to drop off and pick up children. Please let us know if there is anyone who should not be allowed to pick up student.