Class Schedule  

  • Fall  2017 Classes begin August 14th.
  • All classes take place in our warehouse at 400 W Speedway Blvd.
  • Training time for advanced students with teacher permission occurs daily! Please email or call for approval and schedule.
  • Private lessons are available in all areas of training that we offer. A single student is $40.00 per hour, $50.00 per hour for 2 students, $60.00 per hour for 3 students. 4 or more students is based on workshop pricing, please email for more info.
  • Any class not specifically listed as youth or kids is open to adults and youth 7 and up.
  • Are you interested in morning class times? We closed those classes due to lack of attendance, but let us know if you are interested and we will definitely consider reopening them! We always want to hear from students about what schedule works best for them!
  • Tumbling is part of all our Youth programming. If you are interested in just tumbling, let us know and we can discuss the best time to come. 
  • if it is difficult to arrive by 4:00 due to school schedule, no worries, the first half hour of class is warm up and tumbling. Students can arrive arrive as close to 4 as their school schedule allows.
  • We never take off Monday Holidays. We have a Summer Break, a Winter Break and a Thanksgiving break, other than that, class is on as planned!

Fall 2017 Schedule

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 5.37.37 PM.png

Key: Blue = Teen/Adult Aerial, Teal = Beginning Youth Circus, Green= Intermediate Youth Circus, Lime Green = Advanced Youth Circus, Orange = Acrobatics, Yellow = Juggling/Balance, Pink = Young Children and Family Programing

Mini Descriptions:  click on each for more info!

Home School Circus (Beginning Youth Circus) A chance to try out circus mediums including tumbling, tight wire, globe walking, juggling, poi, spinning plates, trapeze and stretching during the day especially for home schoolers!

Beginning Youth CircusFor youth 7-18. An opportunity to explore circus mediums including tumbling, tight wire, globe walking, juggling, poi, spinning plates, trapeze and stretching at a beginning level.

Intermediate Youth Circus: For youth 7-18. An opportunity to advance skills in a variety of circus mediums and begin to hone training and performance skills.

SilksOpen to all ages and experience levels. An opportunity to grow aerial silks skills from beginning to advanced.

Silks 2: Open to slightly more experienced students to get a chance to focus on training more advanced skills. 

Teen/Adult Circus: Open to all ages and experience levels. Our teachers specialize in Juggling Clubs, Scarves and Balls, as well as Poi Spinning, Diabolo, Plate Spinning and more! This class also allows teens and adults to explore stilts, tightwire, globe, rola bola and unicycle. 

StretchingOpen to all ages and experience levels. A great way to build and maintain flexibility. Students interested in contortion should attend this class and go from there.

Contortion Students with an advanced level of flexibility can stay after stretching for an extra half hour to work on contortion technique with teacher permission.

TumblingOpen to all ages and experience levels. Explore tumbling technique from beginning to advanced levels. Tumbling is part of all youth circus programs, if adults are interested in tumbling they should attend the conditioning and stretching class, we can discuss the best time to train tumbling from there.

BalanceOpen to all ages and experience levels. Learn technique in stilts, tight wire, globe walking, rola bola and more.

Conditioning and Stretching: This class is a great way to supplement your circus skills and get the strength and flexibility you need to move forward. This class replaces the handstands, stretching and men's aerial class. This class allows students to explore ground skills and conditioning, high strength aerial conditioning and stretching, which can advance into contortion. Anyone interested in handstands, acrobatics, tumbling, advanced aerial conditioning skills or contortion should attend this class. From there we will figure out the best course of training for you. This is also a great class for those just looking to build some strength and flexibility. It is also possible to just do the conditioning or just do the stretching part of the class. 

Advanced Circus TrainingFor students at an advanced level by instructor permission.

Kid's SilksFor youth ages 7-18 that are beginners on the aerial silks. 

Kid's Silks 2: For youth ages 7-18 that wish to expand their skills on the aerial silks and their performance skills.

Trapeze, Lyra, SlingOpen to all ages and experience levels. Explore technique on trapeze, lyra and sling from beginning to advanced skills. Level 1 is open to beginners, level 2 is for more advanced students with teacher permission. 

Hand Stand and Floor Conditioning: Open to all ages and experience levels. Learn the basics of inversions and progress to advanced hand stand skills.

Advanced Youth CircusOpen to students who are advanced in at least two areas with teacher permission. This includes students that were in both Advanced Youth Circus and Advanced Youth Silks in the past. Focus on performance.

Aerial Exploration Workshop: The class will focus on exploring rope, partnering and a variety of invented apparatus. Each week will have a featured skill or apparatus that will be posted on FB. A great chance to expand your aerial skills, experience new and different apparatus and let your creativity flow!

Kinder CircusFor kids ages 6 and under. A chance to try a variety of circus and movement skills. The goal of this class is prepare kids for the Beginning Youth Circus Class. Graduates of this class will be able to attend the Youth Circus class regardless of age with teacher permission. 

Family Circus: A monthly chance to try circus with your whole family!