Class Schedule  

  • Summer Break is May 13th to June 3rd. Summer Classes and Camp will begin June 4th. 
  • All classes take place in our warehouse at 400 W Speedway Blvd.
  • Private lessons are available in all areas of training that we offer. A single student is $40.00 per hour, $50.00 per hour for 2 students, $60.00 per hour for 3 students. 4 or more students is based on workshop pricing, please email for more info.
  • Any class not specifically listed as youth or kids is open to adults and youth 7 and up.
  • Are you interested in morning class times? We closed those classes due to lack of attendance, but let us know if you are interested and we will definitely consider reopening them! We always want to hear from students about what schedule works best for them!
  • if it is difficult to arrive by 4:00 due to school schedule, no worries, the first half hour of class is warm up and tumbling. Students can arrive arrive as close to 4 as their school schedule allows.
  • We never take off Monday Holidays. We have a Summer Break, a Winter Break and a Thanksgiving break, other than that, class is on as planned!
  • Please scroll down for class descriptions and training opportunities for subjects not listed in the grid schedule. 
  • We recommend taking class at least twice a week for the best results!
  • NEW REGISTRATION POLICY: Classes are beginning to fill. If a class is full, I will mark it on the schedule. Priority registration goes to people who register for the semester, then to people registering monthly. If you have a class pass you can reserve a spot in a class by talking directly to Katherine, but if you attend too infrequently you will loose your spot. From there, if there is still room people can drop in. All make ups must be discussed with Katherine, if a class is full, it can't be used for a make up. 

Summer 2018 Schedule

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Mini Class Descriptions - Go to Program Descriptions for more detailed program outlines.

Kinder: 6 and under

Kid's/Youth: 7-18

Teen/Adult: 13-103 Any class not specifically labeled youth or kids is open to all ages 7 and up, but geared towards older teens and adults. 

Home School Circus: A beginning youth circus class especially for homeschoolers!

Kid's Silks: A silks class just for kids! Open to youth of all levels, a great way to start your aerial journey!

Silks: Learn strength, flexibility and technique on the aerial silks. Open to all levels beginning to advanced. 

Trapeze, Lyra, Sling: Learn technique on the trapeze, lyra and sling. Open to all levels, but it is recommended that beginners start with the Wednesday 5:30 class. 

Advanced Youth Circus: An intensive training program that focuses on technique in a students chosen focus, conditioning, flexibility and performance. Attendance by teacher permission. 

Handstands, Conditioning and Stretching: This class focuses on both building strength and conditioning for beginning circus and well as training at an advanced level of conditioning and stretching for those that want a little more focus in this area. The best class for those wanting to focus on handstands.

Beginning Kid's Circus: Where to start? Right here! This class gives kids a taste of a variety of different skills we offer in addition to preparing them to move to skill focused classes and more advanced training. [tumbling, tightrope, globe, rola bola, juggling, trapeze, sling and stretching]

Advanced Adult Training: With teacher permission, adults may desire to do some extra training on their own once they reach a certain level of skill and these sessions allow for that. Must be enrolled in at least 2 skill classes to participate.

Intermediate Kid's Circus: Build on the skills formed in beginning and start focusing on performance and preparing for the advanced youth program.

Adult Circus: The grow ups chance to do all the circus skills! This class focuses on juggling, but students may train in poi, diabolo or other props, as well as tightrope, globe, rola bola or unicycle.

Kinder Circus: Beginning Kid's Circus focused specifically on kids 6 and under. Designed to prepare young children to move into the regular level classes. Graduates of this class will be able to move into the older kids class whether they are 7 or not.

Adult Performance: This class focuses on performance technique and act building for adults. Students must be enrolled in at least one other technique class. The first 6 weeks of this class will be focused on students attending the Vivafest competition. After this it will be open to the public.

Contortion: All classes contain stretching and are a great way to prepare for contortion technique. Specific contortion training is available in the Adv. Youth Program and through private lessons with Jordan Ruiz.

Tumbling: All youth classes contain tumbling. If you are not in a youth class a want to tumbling specifically come on Tuesday evenings, email for more details.

Hand Balance: The conditioning and stretching class focuses on attaining your handstand and handstand technique.

Partner Acro and Ground Acro: Anyone interested in floor skills is encouraged to attend conditioning and stretching, we will focus on individual goals from there. 

Stilts: We have periodic stilting classes and events, watch our facebook and calendar for more details.

Invented Apparatus: We have periodic workshops in invented apparatus, rope and aerial partnering. Watch the calendar and facebook for more details.