How to get started?

This page will give you a step by step guide to getting registered!

Photo by Ryan Pieroni

Photo by Ryan Pieroni

Photo by Ryan Pieroni

Photo by Ryan Pieroni

Step 1: What skills are you interested in?

Step 2: Check out the program descriptions tab to see where you fit in! 

Step 3: Choose if you prefer a private session or a group class!

To book a private or small group session click here:

Private sessions are a great way to really focus on the skills you want to learn, your personal needs, and make the fastest progress!

For a Group Class Check out the Schedule and Pricing pages!

Then choose your classes: we recommend at least 2 classes a week for best training!

Group classes are a great way to workout, hang with your circus friends, and learn some new skills while you’re at it!

Step 4: For a Group Class Fill out a Registration Form  or RSVP Form. 

Either register for a session or let us know you're coming in for the day!