Class Pricing

Some scholarships are available, please check out that tab for more details! 

Class length is based on what we think is best for each area of training. All classes are the same price (by age), regardless of length. 

Ages: Kinder 3-6, Youth 7-15, Adult 16 +.

Adult Circus Student pricing applies to:  Adult Circus (Juggling and Balance). All other classes are the Adult Aerial student price. If you choose to do just the conditioning or just the stretching part of Conditioning and Stretching, that will also be the Adult Circus Student price. If you do both parts (2 hour class) it is the Adult Aerial student price. 


Class passes, monthly, session, semesterly and unlimited class payments are non-refundable.

In extenuating circumstances refunds will be by school discretion.

Make-Ups for missed classes can be taken the week following absence at instructor discretion. 

Make-Ups expire at the end of semester/summer session.

Check is our preferred method of payment, especially for larger amounts, checks can be made to: Circus Academy of Tucson.

Drop In Pricing

Monthly Pricing

Up to a 33% discount on single classes and 65% discount when you add multiple classes!

Semester Pricing

Up to a 33% discount on single classes and 70% when you add multiple classes!