All of these kid's show incredible talent, focus and drive and are so appreciative of all of you that help us help them to participate in the program. Circus does more than just create circus performers. It creates conscious, hard working, thinking, confident community members. You donation means a lot to the kids, the community and me! Your donation goes directly to paying their tuition which keeps the lights on. We are a small company and don't have profit margins, we just keep the studio running and are dedicated to keeping circus education accessible in Tucson.

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Thanks to two very generous donations all the scholarship students have been sponsored for Spring 2018!!! We are all beyond grateful for this! But, never fear! You can still donate, we will save donations and apply them to next semester's scholarship students!

Student Profiles:

Student 1 is a very talented teen who has been able to reach an advanced level of training through a lot of hard work. They love tightwire and juggling and are in the 3 day a week Advanced Circus Program. 

Student 2 has been able to advance to the Intermediate youth circus program. They have an enthusiasm for all circus skills and show such joy and excitement for circus. Currently out with a (non-circus related!) injury, but will be back in Feb. and continuing to participate in one youth class a week.

Student 3 is a very talented young person who has an amazing flexibility and talent for acrobatics. They hope to pursue tumbling, contortion and aerial. They have made it to the intermediate class and attend class once a week. 

Student 4 is a very young person who shows an amazing amount of focus and body awareness for their age. They attend one beginning class a week and continue to impress us every week with what they are capable of at such a young age. 

Student 5 is a brand new student who has fallen in love with circus and hopes to continue coming to one beginning class per week.

Students 6 and 7 are siblings who attend one class per week, but hope to be able to join silks class soon as well. Student 6 loves aerial and student 7 loves floor acrobatics.

Student 8 is a teen who has recently started coming to one beginning class a week and loves being able to explore different kinds of movement and work through their shyness to leap into everything circus has to offer. 

Students 9 and 10 are teen siblings who attend on beginning class a week and are very excited to get a chance to explore movement arts!