There are a lot of great ways to support the Circus Academy of Tucson! The best way is to come to class and tell your friends!!! You can also like, rate and share our Facebook page, Instagram account, Google maps profile and Yelp! profile.

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We need some things to make the studio more like home! If you have any of this stuff laying around looking for a new home, consider donating!

  • folding chairs
  • folding tables
  • carpets/rugs
  • lockers
  • 5 gallon water jugs
  • space heaters
  • cushions/pillows
  • white boards
  • big fans
  • curtains/shade cloth/big fabric
  • PA equipment, microphone, lighting equipment
  • anything else you think would be helpful :)
  • donations of money help us buy:
    • more juggling props
    • more globes/big globes
    • stilts
    • another tightwire
    • a Chinese pole
    • more mats, safety and rigging equipment
    • custom apparatus
    • ceiling insulation
    • dance/gymnastics floor
    • shades for the south windows
    • ballet barres

Please consider donating to our Indiegogo campaign to help us move into our new home!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters!

Lydia Millet                     Pamela Patterson              Liz Schmitt

Amanda Millet                Rena Tucker                      Sierra McLean

Laura Burghardt             Sarah Millet                       Jessica Werner

Ariella Gladstein             Monika Szumilak              Annie Mielke

Dale Lupu                        Shanna Armenta

Lee Tucker                      Heather McClean

Joey Charboneau          Clare Lorring

Andrew Gaskins            Julia Fisher

Parker Imperl                 Colleen Bartlet

Jean Marshall                 Brett Copes