Internship Program

Each semester we will take on one intern. Interns will get unlimited classes and training and to participate in community performances in exchange for work trade: cleaning, office work, class assistance, help with community performances and help around the studio. This is a great opportunity to get focused technique training and a great way for a student to advance their training or jump into circus. Email if you are interested in applying for the Fall 2019 semester. Applications will be due by April 15th, we’ll decide by May 1st. We are now an American Circus Educators recognized aerial teacher training program! 

Teacher Training Program

Each year we will take on two teacher training students. This program is work trade and hands on training based. We will do both sit down academic sessions and student teaching. Teacher training students will get lots of hands on experience with both youth hand adults. They will learn our curriculum and learn about building a curriculum of their own and designing a program. They will also learn about classroom management and have lots of question and answer time and reviews or their teaching as the year progresses. Students may also participate unlimited training and classes to keep up on their circus technique and skills. This a great opportunity for an experienced circus artist who wishes to focus specifically on circus education. If you are interested in applying for the fall 2019-spring 2020 session email for application and more info.

Tucson in January Photo by Tran Thai

Tucson in January Photo by Tran Thai

Residency Program

Want a training home durning the cold winter months? Check out our warehouse. It is a great place for advanced and professional circus performers to come, get some focused training time and escape the snow in sunny Tucson where its 80 degrees in January. Email for more info! 



Photo by Ryan Pieroni

Photo by Ryan Pieroni





Full Time Training Program

$710.00 per semester

Monday-Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon.

This program gives students a chance to focus solely on their circus training and build their skills in all areas of training we offer. The program will be specific to each student, but can include a variety of skills and training or be focused on one area of study. The schedule is also flexible and can be specific to each student. Day time hours could also be included for open training time.