Circus Skills!

Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial acrobatics consists of anything that is performed on an apparatus hanging in the air. This includes Aerial Silks/Fabric, Trapeze, Lyra, Sling, Rope, Spanish Web and Invented Apparatus. Classes that include aerial are: All general youth classes {Kinder Circus, Homeschool Circus, Beginning Youth Circus) and Kid's Silks, Advanced Youth Circus, Silks, Trapeze/Lyra/Sling, Aerial Exploration Workshops, Advanced Aerial Conditioning.




Floor Acrobatics

This is anything that involves manipulating your body alone or with a partner on the floor. This includes tumbling, hand balancing, partner acrobatics and contortion. Classes the include acrobatics are: Tumbling, Stretching and Contortion, Hand Stand Conditioning, Advanced Youth Circus and all of the general youth classes. 




This is anything the involves manipulating an object with your hands or body. This includes juggling scarves, ball, clubs and other objects, spinning and balancing plates, twirling poi or staves, and using diabolos and flower sticks. Classes that include props are: Juggling, Advanced Youth Circus and all the general youth classes. 





Isabella Tightwire.jpeg

This includes balancing on an apparatus that sits on the floor. This includes tightrope, globe, rola bola, stilts and unicycle. Classes that include balance are: Balance, Advanced Youth Circus and all the general youth classes.